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Student Life Expo

Pumped launched Student Life Expo in 2003, and grown it to become Canada’s largest Post-Secondary Education and Lifestyle event for senior high school students.   The event takes place annually (except during the pandemic) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Our mission is to help high school grads:

Learn about the choices ahead;

be Inspired about the future;

in a Fun and entertaining environment;

while Exploring the many options available to them at this pivotal time in their LIFE.

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Logo for Student Life In-A-Box program

The pandemic has not only impacted the way in which students learn and socialize, but also how they can explore their post-secondary school options.  And while expos, fairs, and in-school info sessions were cancelled - Students’ futures are not!  


Exploration of this life changing decision is challenging to do purely online and virtually.  Some may call it “old-school”, but having materials and swag in-hand helps build excitement, generate ideas and discussions around the kitchen table. 

We curated 30,000 Student Life Boxes in 2021 and distributed them to senior students directly through participating high schools.  The idea is simple, but the impact very significant.  

Post-secondary school information brochures and flyers
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The R.E.C.A.P. (Retail Event Customer Appreciation Programs)logo

Retail & Event Customer Appreciation Programs (R.E.C.A.P.TM) is a proprietary framework for partnering with major national retail chains to develop and execute in-store cross promotions and product sampling.


Pumped has an expertise in developing win/win relationships between packaged good brands and national retail chains.  Our process, training, logistics and measurement practices effectively convert our retail partner’s customer appreciation initiatives into highly effective and cost efficient sampling programs for our clients. Everybody wins – the retailer, the packaged good brand, and most importantly, the customer.

In-store promotion and product sampling
Campus Bookstore Promotions Network

Campus Bookstore Promotions Network (C.B.P.N.TM) is a proprietary network of over 60 Campus Bookstores across Canada.  C.B.P.N. provides the ability to deliver in-store and on-campus promotional programs through this prevalent and high traffic access point on campus.


Place your product samples and promotions directly into the hands of 45% of Canada’s University and College Students! C.B.P.N. offers many in-store promotional opportunities including one-on-one sampling and promotions at P.O.S., special events, coupons, contests and more. Our service also includes the potential to broker new product listings in campus bookstores.

University Campus Bookstore
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Snap Up Boards logo

We developed the world’s first large format billboards that can Snap Up - Anywhere, Anytime.

Traditional out-of-home billboard space is difficult to acquire in major markets, especially in high traffic locations.  They are usually sold many months/years in advance at a very high premium for 4-week minimums, plus the cost of production and installation.

Snap Up Boards are not only extremely flexible and economical, they command attention in the most unique and high traffic locations imaginable, and at peak times-only with any desired frequency.

Abstract Building
RoundTable Sampling Insights

Store shelves are crowded and competition is intense.  The average grocery store carries over 30,000 SKUs with more than 3,000 new CPG products launched in North America each year.

RoundTable Sampling InsightsTM is a proven sampling and validation process that helps emerging brands stand out, gain listings, compete for shelf space, stretch limited launch marketing budgets, and quickly gain consumer traction. 

RoundTable Sampling Insights  - a process to help emerging brands stand out
Leather Cushion
Toronto's Skywalk, media & events

Pumped managed the exclusive media and event representation rights to this high profile downtown Toronto landmark connecting over 10 million annual consumers.

Skywalk is a main artery of the Toronto Path system connecting Union Station (Canada’s busiest transportation hub – TTC, Go, Via Rail) to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Ripley’s Aquarium.

View of the Toronto Skywalk connection between Union Station and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Aerial View of Clouds
Canada Day Celebrations at Downsiew Park
Main Stage in Downsview Park for Canada Day Celebrations

In 2007 and 2008, Pumped went into partnership with the Canadian Federal Government to manage the Downsview Park Canada Day Celebrations event.

The event hosted renowned music artists, vendors, exhibits, food service, rides, and capped off the day with a world-class fireworks show.

Pumped was responsible for the event management, sales and sponsorships, and was credited with generating a healthy surplus budget, (a.k.a. profit)!

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